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The tourmaline group with its multitude of colours, shapes and structures is undoubtedly one of the most interesting minerals in our world. Its unique asthetics have animated us to build an appropriate museum homepage on the World Wide Web, to let a broader audience be able to understand and share our passion.


We intend to present the Toumaline Group primarily with regards to its broad variety in terms of shapes and colours. While pursuing this goal, neither size or price of the respective crystals is of major interest for us. The overwhelming aesthetics of the tourmalines, which are shown on our museum pages, hopefully push such considerations in the back of your mind anyway. Opposite to this, our pictures indicate, that the search for the most beautiful tourmalines will never be finite. All mineral collectors wordwide will be able to consider this thesis being comprehensive.

We will continuously extend our homepage and add more and more aspects of the world of tourmalines in the future.

Our internet presence is of non-commercial nature, all tourmalines are not to be sold.

We say many thanks to all vistors of our tourmaline museum and very much appreciate any comment, you might be willing to send to us.

Frank & Harald


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